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California Corrugated and Packaging

Serving Southern California since 1990

In 1990 Bruce Keller started a small business to help local manufacturers and distributors meet the needs of a fast paced global economy. If you know Bruce, it wouldn't surprise you to know that 28 years later California Corrugated and Packaging is still a family run business. We manage our company with the same values we hold true to in our family, dedication and determination.

 Our name tells of our product offerings.  Our family ownership tells you we care about your service.  A combination of the 'old' personalized methods of providing special attention to our clients needs, AND 21st Century technology.  For 28 years, every effort to provide the best products, costs and service has been the sole reason we have survived the economic ups and downs of the business world. 

 CCP's first customers are STILL doing their purchasing of packaging materials with us.  A testament in of itself to both customer, and ourselves.

CCP is special, the fact is our clients will always be taken care of by one of our family.  Your business, is our business.  No sales pitches.  No sales people.  No nonsense.  We simply promise to do our best.  That's all we've done for 28 years and it works.