When will my stock order ship? Any stock items are next day unless item is a 'buy out’ then we will advise ETA.

How far in advance can I place a stock order?  On stock boxes, you can place orders for the following week or within a given month.  Given specific date they will ship on that date.

Why can’t I order more than 30 days in advance?  We do not know when and if industry price changes may occur this is why we can’t project out deliveries.

 When will my custom box order ship? C3 days to 5 days unless otherwise noted.

How far in advance can I place custom box deliveries? Deliveries can be placed a month out.

 Can PO’s be split within a 30 day range?  Yes SOME PO's within a 30 day range. Second delivery within the 30 days.  Each delivery needs to meet our MOQ.

 What is an MOQ? Minimum Order Quantity.

 What is your MOQ? On both stock and custom boxes the MOQ is $300.

How is the best way to organize my PO? Stock items on one PO and custom boxes on a separate PO.